Route 66 Motorcycle Ride

  • March 10, 2022

BikerMC.com offers a great insight to the world-famous Route 66 motorcycle ride tour. The ride travels the original Route 66, known as the “Mainstreet of America” or “Mother Road”. At over 2400 miles long from Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 crosses three time zones and 8 States: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Route 66 Motorcycle Ride

Route 66 Motorcycle Ride Road Map

When taking the Route 66 motorcycle ride safety is always something you should consider. While a lot can happen on a road trip that totals almost 2,500 miles, overall, Route 66 is an extremely safe motorcycle ride to adventure. Much of the ride will take you through attractive, safe small towns, as the American Midwest is famed for its kind and helpful people.

The main reason the Route 66 ride is so popular is that Route 66 reduced the distance between Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA by more than 200 miles, which made Route 66 popular among thousands of motorists who drove and rode west in following decades. Like other highways of its day, Route 66 reflects the origin and evolution of road transportation that helped connect the United States.

The Route 66 motorcycle ride will require a minimum of two weeks to complete, the two-week journey is the recommended time frame. A lot of the riders include extra days so they can tour the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas strip as well as Hoover Dam. It’s a lot of fun to do the Mother Road on a Harley or any type of motorcycle for that matter.

One of the things you should remember when planning this Route 66 motorcycle ride, the Grand Canyon isn’t technically on Route 66, but it’s worth a detour. The South Rim is the most accessible from the route and has the best viewpoints of the Grand Canyon, while that does make it the most popular with visitors.

You will want to consider what time of the year to take this trip, so we think the best time to take a Route 66 road trip is between April (late spring) to early July (early summer), and then, after the summer break ⁄ summer holidays: early fall (Labor Day till late October). Be sure you check the weather before leaving on your Route 66 tour so you can avoid any severe weather.

Get your motorcycle ready and running! Route 66 motorcycle ride attracts a variety of tourists from across the United States and Canada, as well as many from European countries, and even far away locales like Australia, Japan, and other countries.

Here is a list of the most scenic parts of the Route 66 motorcycle ride, we have also included links so you can view the options for each of these stops. We highly recommend that you plan some time in your trip to make these stops.

  1. Blue Hole — Santa Rosa, New Mexico
  2. Meteor Crater — Winslow, Arizona
  3. Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert — Arizona
  4. Calico Ghost Town — California
  5. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch — Oro Grande, California
  6. Original McDonald’s Museum — San Bernardino, California
  7. Santa Monica Pier — Santa Monica, California

Renting a motorcycle:
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Insurance, Licenses and More:
Even if you are riding your own motorcycle, or renting one, we highly recommend investigating all travel considerations, and then planning accordingly.

It’s important that you have necessary travel insurance, health insurance, and coverage for lost passports, theft, damage to your bike, and travel disruptions. Consider mileage limitations from renters and roadside assistance before embarking on your trip. Also, be knowledgeable on motorcycle laws such as helmet usage and licenses in each state.

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